Middlemore Clinical Trials
Private Bag 93311 New Zealand,
+64 9 270 9758  http://www.middlemoretrials.nz
Type 2 Diabetes/Chronic Kidney Disease
Thank you for your interest in participating in an investigational product clinical trial with Middlemore Clinical Trials. This is simply a quick check to see if a study may be suitable for you. Please answer the following questionnaire and enter some information about yourself or call us on 0800 27 27 84. One of our research nurses will be in touch with you within 24 hours (weekdays only) to provide you with more details.

Please answer the following questions:
Are you between the ages of 18-75 inclusive?
Have been receiving stable treatment for your diabetes and diabetic kidney disease for the past 3 months?
Are you able to participate in a study for up to 17 weeks?
Do I pre-qualify?
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